“Bring out the best, conceal the worst, and leave something to the imagination.”

— George Hurrell



I started off shooting New York City sky scrapers and landscapes on my large format 4x5 Linhof camera. Even though I still shoot landscapes, I am more interested in people. 

I have degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, and I use my background in digital signal processing to select best combination of lenses, sensors, and post-processing techniques. Even though I love technology I still shoot a lot of film.

When I'm not taking photos, I am likely busy with my day job working for a Wall Street broker dealer, as a quant trader. My LinkedIn profile, explains a bit more of my professional background.

Current Focus

Current focus is a jean brand called Blue.Iconic. At Blue.Iconic we strive to create jeans that are eco friendly, use little water to produce, and look great at a reasonable price. Our jeans are designed in New York and made  in Poland, from high end fabrics from Spain and Italy. Please follow this project on Instagram at Blue.Iconic.

My latest photography project is "Models off-duty": images that show fashion models' natural beauty without the heavy makeup and fancy clothes. These images are created on film, with very limited amount of post-processing. My goal is to advance the idea that fashion models are strong women who look beautiful naturally without the need for makeup and designer clothing. Please follow this project on Instagram at usually.film.


I am especially inspired by earlier work of Peter Lindbergh, in particular Peter's black and white work on film.

I am further inspired by classical portraiture of George Hurrell - the first true master of portrait and fashion photography.

And finaly, I must mention Herb Ritts and his work with Naomi Campbell.

Cameras I use

The camera is to the photographer what canvas and paint brush are to the painter. Lately I have been using more film. I feel that film can produce a very organic looking image. And of course, all the accidental imperfections that come with film make it somehow more authentic.

I mainly shoot on a Pentax 67 with the exquisite 105mm f2.4 standard lens. I do occasionally shoot with a 4x5 Graflex Speedgraphic with a Kodak Aero Ektar lens on it. In the studio I mainly shoot with a  Nikon D800 & D850 SLR digital cameras.