Classical Photography with a Modern Touch

“Bring out the best, conceal the worst, and leave something to the imagination.”

— George Hurrell



Vincent started his photography journey shooting New York City sky scrapers and landscapes on his large format 4x5 Linhof camera. Recently he has branched out into the world of portraiture, beauty and fashion. 

He has degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, and is keen on using the best combination of lenses, sensors, and the latest post-processing technologies.

When he's not taking photos, you'll find him working for a Wall Street broker dealer, as a trader and quantitative analyst. Check out his LinkedIn profile, which explains a bit more of his professional background.

Be sure to follow his Instagram account @quant_photo_nyc.

Inspiration and Focus

Vincent is especially inspired by earlier work of Peter Lindbergh, in particular Peter's black and white work on film.

Vincent is further inspired by classical portraiture of George Hurrell - the first true master of portrait and fashion photography.

Helmut Newton is another source of interest. 

Work with Vincent 

- Portraits & Beauty Shots

- Fashion Editorials

- Advertising Campaigns

- Landscapes

- Test shoots

Using Format